QC Assurance

Company promise

To increase the customers’ competitiveness in the market through continuous development and researching.

To create new systems for reducing the differences in quality.

To reduce the customers’ cost by searching for new methods.

To respect our customers and employees and determine the concept of people-oriented.

Quality Service = Quality Products

In order to produce accurate products. We listen to the customer’s requirements carefully and provide full support. If the product has unforeseen problems, or the customer has special requirements, we will adjust immediately to provide a suitable product what they want. Casting Iron China

Enterprises implement ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 quality management system, monitoring and measurement is implemented in the processing of production all the time. The timely application of corrective actions and preventive actions controlled the unqualified products, and through the effective integration and continuous improvement of processes, we aimed at ensuring the effective operation of the quality management system and enhancing customers’ satisfaction and trust, thus to enable enterprises to become a world-oriented supplier of high-quality products and services.


We can provide the following detection:

Chemical composition

Tensile Strength

Vield strength



Impact value


Metallographic structure

Non-Destructive test

Shading penetration test


Magnetic particle inspection

X radiographic inspection

Surface roughness test

Three-coordinate detection

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