Epc Process

Production technology

We adopted the advanced Expendable Pattern Casting Process and die casting Technology. Foaming material is made into bubble type and under melting foundation, several and even up to thousands of models coupling model beam. Brushing special-purpose material, after drying put the dry sand without binder, water and other additives into the negative pressure box. And after slight tremors, pouring with metal liquid under the condition of negative pressure. Thus obtained the surface smooth, size accurate, no-fly edge Burr of precision castings.

The feature of Expendable Pattern Die Casting technology

1. Technology application range applies not only cast steel and cast iron but also applies cast copper and cast aluminium. Not only applicable to geometric shape simple casting, and it’s better applicable to the castings which it’s difficult for general casting. Many castings like open side, multiple cores, complex geometry shapes which were difficult to general casting would be processed easily by EPC.

2. Under the status of slight tremors, EPC process technology can achieve pouring. To promote the forming of metallographic structure and the rank of metal fibers. It’s good for improving the mechanical properties of castings.

3. EPC technology adopts combination casting in the dry sand. Taking off sand easily, temperature progress. Thus it’s possible for heat treatment by waste heat. Especially the water toughening treatment of high manganese steel castings and solid melt treatment of heat resistant steel casting, the effect is very ideal, saving energy, shorten the processing time, and the economic benefit is remarkable.

4. Simple Processing applicable to industrialized production, the investment is 30% to 60% of sand casting, with less than the cost of general casting can obtained high precision castings which will compare favourably with wax model. wax model casting only apply to the small castings, EPC may according to melting function completes any size of the casting.

At present, In Europe, America some large enterprises such as BMW, Citroen are using EPC line, visibly EPC technology fits in with the trend of casting industry’s development today, has the broad prospect. And compared with the traditional die casting technology, EPC technology has the incomparable advantage. In 1999, the EPC technology was ranked national key promotion high-tech technology by the state ministry of science, and praised as the twenty-first-century casting technology, casting industry’s green revolution by home and abroad.

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