airflow Ceramic Straightening Iron

Hair straightener engineers at Olayer wholesale hair straightener company are professional hair specialists and continue to turn out products that exceed expectations.  Using them gives you the opportunity to have the best looking, healthiest hair you’ve ever enjoyed. Tools like the airflow Ceramic Straightening Iron, 1.5 Inch prove the point every day in salons and homes – Olayer knows what you want in a great styling straightener and they know how to deliver it.

This innovative tools uses today’s best technology to help you create hair that is shiny and that is proven to hold its style much longer than with standard hair straighteners.  The tool uses steam and heat to infuse every strand of hair with moisture which strengthens it and makes it far less susceptible to damage that can be caused by processing, the sun, chlorine and other issues.  The ceramic titanium plates seal each hair as well and give your locks a luster you have to see to believe.  Your friends will see it and want to know exactly what you’re doing to achieve such beautiful results. This affordable yet advanced styling instrument uses natural and safe ionic emission to soothe and relax hair while the gentle infrared heat styles it exactly as you want it to be.

The airflow Ceramic Straightening Iron even comes with an instructional DVD that will give you all the tips you need to use this like a pro; if you are a professional stylist, this air hair straightener will prove an asset every day as you deliver the hot styles and healthy hair your clients want.  Pro-style heat to 465F is available quickly and safely, and the 10-foot cord with 360 degree swivel makes it perfect for use at home or the salon.  Simply put, you’ll craft better-looking hairstyles every time with this great new product from Olayer hair straightener vendor!

If you are looking for a hair straightener that will give you the tools you need to achieve professional results at home or in your own salon, take a close look at the airflow Ceramic Straightening Iron.  It is stocked with the kinds of components that let you create healthy hair and beautiful styles with ease.  This styling instrument produces instant heat so you don’t waste time when you need to get going.  The instant recovery time and balanced heating in the ceramic plates will get the entire job done quickly and effectively, without hot spots that can burn or cool spots that can leave hair untreated.  It will have you heading out the door to work, to school or to a date on time and looking like a million bucks!

The ceramic pulse heat technology uses gentle far-infrared heat to straighten hair quickly while relaxing it and taking out the frizzies.  You’ll be amazed at how little time you need to get the hair style you desire.  The rheostat control is precise and offers universal adjustment from 260 to 420 degrees.  Your efforts are made easier by a removable comb that will not produce static buildup, but will direct your efforts as you stroke your locks to a smooth and shiny luster.

The Ceramic Straightening Iron from Olayer hair straightener vendor is designed for all types of hair, from thin and fine strands to coarse or ethnic hair that is hard to work with.  Choose the appropriate heat level and enjoy the smoothest styling you’ve ever experienced.  This professional tool is durable and built to last, and it is just as effective in a pro salon as it is in your own home.

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