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we are China die casting company, provide die casting parts.

To increase the customers’ competitiveness in the market through continuous development and researching.

To create new systems for reducing the differences in quality.

To reduce the customers’ cost by searching for new methods.

To respect our customers and employees and determine the concept of people-oriented.

In order to produce accurate products. We listen to the customer’s requirements carefully and provide full support. If the product has unforeseen problems…

We adopted the advanced Expendable Pattern Casting Process Technology. China Die CastingFoaming material is made into bubble type and under melting foundation, several and even up to thousands of models coupling model beam. Brushing special-purpose material, after drying put the dry sand without binder, water and other additives into the negative pressure box. And after slight tremors, pouring with metal liquid under the condition of negative pressure. Thus obtained the surface smooth, size accurate, no-fly edge Burr of precision castings.

1. Technology application range applies not only cast steel and cast iron but also applies cast copper and cast aluminium. Not only applicable to geometric…

About Us,

Die Casting China Co., Ltd is China’s largest manufacturer of the casting process. As an advanced casting production-oriented enterprise, has the capacity, strong technology, advanced technology, strict management and so on. And now our company’s production capacity is more than 1000 tons of castings, especially at the manufacturing of large castings, and the largest casting is 50 tons.Die Casting China

The company owning a brand-new modern manufactory, equipping with a large-scale and new type of energy-saving & environment-friendly production line and heat treatment equipment and possessing complete and advanced CNC machining equipment and top advanced test facilities, fully able to